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About Us

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Our Story
Whatza Spiedie is the concept of 2 guys from the Binghamton NY area.   Guy 1 (Rick) moved to Charlotte over 30 years ago.  Guy 2 (Shawn) moved to California.  

Shawn worked in California in the food industry for more than 30 years.  At one point he was the personal chef for the Hanna's of Hanna Barbarra.

Rick was getting tired of the corporate world and wanted something else in his life.  

During a phone conversation one evening, Shawn expressed interest in moving back to Charlotte.  Both guy's were unhappy with their current enviroment.  Shawn suggested opening a food truck in Charlotte.

Many converstaions followed, lots of research, and Whatza Spiedie was born.

The food choice Spieide was decided because there are a lot of people in the Charlotte area that are from the Binghamton area.  It is our hope that the people that aren't familiar with them will try them and love them.

​Our Product​​

Spiedies are cubed meat that is marinated for 2 -3 days., then cooked over an open flame.

 The original spiedie was lamb.  Currently the most popular meat used for spiedies is Pork and Chicken.

Whatza Spiedie will be using Chicken and Pork.  We will also be offering a rice bowl.  Shawn is currently experimenting with rice combinations to come up with a awesome tasting rice.

For more information on spidies, please click on the What is a Spiedie link.